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Whether you have had an accident in a public or private building, or gained an injury through the fault of another, we have dealt with a diverse range of claims. We also deal with leisure and sporting injuries and product liability. If you are not sure whether your accident or injury is a valid claim, give us a call and ask for some of our case studies.


David Stinson & Co in Aylesford can help with any personal injury claim wherever you are in Kent, including Tonbridge, Ashford and Faversham. If you would like an experienced solicitor to get you maximum compensation for accidents at work, road accidents or medical negligence, contact us today.

We get the results you deserve with our highly experienced solicitors.

Personal injury claims

Have you had an accident that was not your fault? Whatever the accident was and wherever this accident occurred if someone else was to blame you may have a claim. Why should you suffer without receiving compensation?


Accidents can result in permanent injury, loss of work and can dramatically change your family's life. By coming to us we can help to get you the money you deserve and you could also help to prevent this from happening to someone else.

We do it all

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