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If you have been a victim of any accident which was at the result of someone else's fault, even when it has not been deliberate you should not have to suffer. David Stinson & Co has a vast experience in dealing with accidents at work, road accidents, medical negligence and other personal injury claims.


If you are too injured to visit us we can come to you, contact us today for confidential and professional advice.

Do not just accept an apology if you have been a victim of a work place accident.

Accidents at work

Have you had an accident at work that was through the fault of someone else? Do not feel like you have been put in an awkward situation with your employer, get the compensation you deserve. Whatever the problem whether you have tripped, slipped or caught a disease within the workplace if it was through the fault of someone else we will get you the compensation you deserve.


David Stinson & Co in Aylesford offer a free no obligation first consultation wherever you are in Kent including Sheerness, Hawkhurst and Wye.

We can offer a no-win-no-fee service

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